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Crowns and Bridges


A dental crown is an artificial tooth fitted over a tooth that has been broken, missing or weekend by decay. Made out of robust and durable material, it improves the teeth strength and appearance while matching with the natural colour and texture of your teeth. A Dental Crown is also an excellent choice to cover up the tooth after a root canal treatment. A crown is placed and bonded over the tooth using a unique form of a dental material to form a super-strong and smooth finish.

Why do you need a Dental Crown/When is a Dental Crown Recommended?

A dental crown is used for restoring or preserving a broken or decayed tooth and is also called a ‘Cap’. Following are some of the tooth conditions that may require you to consider having a dental crown:

  • Post Root Canal Treatment
  • To support a dental filling
  • Severe Tooth Loss, especially at old age
  • Over a discoloured or stained teeth
  • A dental bridge needs support
  • Fractured tooth
  • To replace an existing crown once is damaged or fractured
  • To correct or hide a bad tooth
  • To prevent and restore an already week or broken tooth

What is a Dental Bridge? 

A Dental Bridge refers to a prosthetic application created to replace a broken or missing tooth. It helps transform the overall look and shape of your tooth line drastically. In other words, its false tooth that holds on to its form without the roots! Usually placed between a dental crown, a bridge can offer excellent support and are aesthetically more appealing.

Benefits of Dental Crowns and Bridge

Designed and created with the same aim of replacing a missing or broken tooth to enhance visual appearance; a dental crown and bridge have the following benefits:

  1. Improved speech as the gap between the teeth are covered seamlessly
  2. Improves aesthetic appearance to add confidence
  3. Improves chewing and biting capacity which may have decreased due to tooth decay or missing teeth
  4. Provides proper distribution of force and the teeth spacing is maintained

Our Approach towards Dental Crowns and Bridges

At Go Smiles Dental Studio, we offer high-quality dental care and clinical assessments using the latest digital technology and 3D scans. Dental Crowns and Dental Bridges are often a good choice if the tooth is vulnerable to decay or has a large cavity, which may not be suitable for another dental filling.

Our professional dentists are proficient in their skills and will ensure that you have a healthy and sparkling smile.

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