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Children's Dentistry

We understand that when it comes to children, they require a different approach towards any dental treatment. Our friendly dentists offer you tips and treatments as part of Children Dentistry to help you form early healthy oral hygiene in children and maintain a healthy smile.

Remember that to achieve the correct diagnosis for your child’s dental and oral health; prevention is better than cure. This stands true in case of detecting any tooth-related concerns in time. We advise parents to speak to their children about the importance of oral dental hygiene and also recommend visiting a dentist every six months.


Are you aware that in Australia, every child aged between 2 to 17 has access to primary dental care benefits? Introduced in January 2014, Medicare now offers a Child Dental Benefits Schedule capped up to $1000 per child over two consecutive calendar years. 

The fund covers general examinations, preventive and restorative treatments such as x-rays, fillings, and even root canal.

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You can also visit your dentist and learn more about the treatments offered under this scheme.


What to expect on your Child’s First Visit at GOSMILE?

Be it the first visit, familiarization of the clinic or meeting with their dentist for the first time; our children can show anxiety in many different ways. Our friendly and caring attitude help us deliver safe and timely dental treatments to newborn up to 15 years old children.

We offer a holistic approach to children’s dental wellness and provide the best treatments and prevention methods to ensure your child has a healthier smile. We love it when our children SMILE!

Our Approach to Children Dentistry

At GOSMILES, we promise your children a positive and joyful dental experience every time. We provide children with the best in terms of quality care and focus on prevention using the latest technology and child-friendly equipment’s.

How Do We Do It?

Given their age, we conduct several dental and oral assessments that help detect early signs of tooth decay, spot any cavities or other related issues. We also check the growth and position of the teeth and offer suggestions if required.

Our experienced Pediatric dentists and orthodontists know how to entertain our little masters and calm their active minds. They have fun and interactive ways to keep the children engaged with providing a quick guide to them on the correct ways to brush and clean teeth twice a day and also talk about the importance of healthy diet for stronger healthier teeth. This conversation helps children connect well and trust their dentists for future visits too.

Worried for your oral health?

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